A new experiment is begining: dynamics of degradation of environmental DNA and organic carbon

At the beginning of March, a new manipulation was installed on 3 plots (a triplet pure oak, mixture, pure pine). This experiment is replicated on different sites of the AnaEE network. The project is conducted by collaborators : the eDNA platform and the CEREEP Ecotron IDF, the EcoGeno platform and Lucie Zinger from the IBENS laboratory, and proposes to compare the dynamics of degradation of environmental DNA (eDNA) and organic carbon (13C) in freshwater, lake sediment, and soil matrices.

On OPTMix, in addition to the composition, we test the effect of the exclusion of ungulates, by working inside and outside the enclosures.

The manipulation consists in placing 4 small bags of 100g of soil from the plot mixed with a few leaves of rice marked with 13C at 5 cm in the soil, repeted 3 times in a plot, and this in the different situations (enclosure and exclosure, pure oak, pure pine, mix). Four sampling dates are scheduled between March and the end of May. At the same time, and at the same locations, a few green tea bags will be installed at the end of March to monitor the loss of tea leaf mass on 2 dates by the end of May.

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