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OPTMix in a glance

OPTMix aims to improve knowledge on the functioning of mixed forests in temperate regions with direct applications to forest management, especially in the context of climate change

  •  we control factors: stand composition, stand density and herbivores,
  •  the site is equipped with many sensors,
  •  several ecosystem services are studied on the same site (e.g.: production, biodiversity),
  •  we combine different approaches: descriptive, ecophysiological and functional approaches, process based and empirical modelling,
  •  we set-up three « true » repetition, ending to a device of 40 ha within the same forest (47°46’ – 47°55’ N, 2°17’ – 2°35’),
  •  the site is located in a lowland temperate forest, with sessile oak and Scots pine, two important species in terms of surface cover and uses for wood,
  •  the mixture sessile oak- Scots pine is the most common mixed stand in France of a deciduous and coniferous species, and these two species have contrasted traits,
  •  long-term experiment,
  •  nearby experimental plant nursery, greenhouse and laboratory facilities (distance 20-50 km).